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About Okasha Co.

Okasha is named after the founder itself.


Okasha Co began as a hobby when Okasha, the founder, began making her own natural body lotions and body soap because she did not find an ideal commodity that was suitable for herself, so she created her own through numerous fun experiments.

She then began researching essential oils to incorporate into her body lotion. She enjoyed creating new scents, even if most of them did not become her personal favourite, she eventually learned what notes complimented each other. She then began making her own natural candles and mists for her own use or to give as gifts to her friends and family.

With her own wedding approaching, she thought about door gift ideas for her loved ones that she could make and was good at. This is where the idea of selling them as door gifts arose! She took a risk and tried selling them online, which took a surprising hit within the next month.

Okasha Co. has grown from a one-man show in 2021 to an impactful four-man team.

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